AHDC holds open auditions at the beginning of the fall semester every year. We hold two open auditions and prospective dancers are asked to attend only one, before dancers are selected to attend callbacks. We also hold an open workshop before the auditions to give dancers a taste of what we do. If you are interested in joining in the spring, please message us for more information.

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Feel free to message us with any additional questions you may have!


What do the auditions consist of? 
Open auditions will begin with a ballet barre as warm-up, then you will learn a short ballet combination and perform it in small groups. Then, all dancers will learn a short jazz combination and be asked to perform that in small groups as well. At the end, if you have additional experience in pointe or tap, we’ll teach you a short combination for both of those styles, however this is not required.

If you are asked to callbacks, we will begin with a jazz warmup and across the floor exercises. Next, you’ll add on to the jazz combination you learned in the open auditions and perform it for the last time in small groups. After that, you’ll learn a short contemporary combination and perform that in small groups.  In addition, expect a self-choreography and improvisation section during callbacks.

What do you look for in dancers?
While we do appreciate good technique, we also prefer dancers who aren't afraid to push themselves and are passionate about dance. We love for our dancers to have fun, perform and show their personalities! Although our auditions consist of a number of dance styles, don’t worry about exceling in all of them - many of our current members were only trained in one discipline at the time of their auditions.

What should I wear? 
Wear something comfortable you can dance and move easily in. If you have dance shoes (dance paws, jazz, or ballet) or socks, bring those as well! 

We hope to see you there!